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Colonic hydrotherapy not only corrects the ravages of toxicity but also reduces stagnation while exercising and strengthening the muscles of the colon.

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As hydrotherapy removes months and years of this toxic glue-like material, the bowel begins to restore its natural ...

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Scientists at Tyumen State University have discovered a universal natural antibiotic that overcomes the resistance of pathogens to drugs. The authors of the discovery report it in a study published in the journal Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology.

One of the tasks of pharmacology today, as n...

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Liftmassage by Endermologie.

Having a healthy lifestyle is vital to preserving your skin’s appearance. Such elements as balanced nutrition, regular moisturising as well as the daily use of sunblock are major contributors to skin health. Despite these precautions, though, skin ageing is inevitabl...

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What is adrenal fatigue? Balanced nutrition is essential to maintaining overall good health, but it also can affect your capacity to cope with stress and adrenal fatigue. You may be going through a period of stress, which affects the nervous system. Then, it would help if you had more of all nutr...

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Hypertension, otherwise known as high blood pressure, makes us more susceptible to coronary heart disease, strokes and kidney disease. People who are overweight and do not get much exercise are at much higher risk of having high blood pressure.

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Serum albumin allows us to establish misbalance of albumin content (hypo- and hyperalbuminemia) at various pathologic conditions. Besides, in the case of dehydration, this protein concentration can increase.

Serum albumin diseases
Decrease of concentration SA in case of malnutrition, infringemen...

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Blood sugar balance

Glucose is an important energy source for the body and essential for the property functioning of the brain. For this reason, it is always well detectable in the blood. Our body needs blood sugar balance. The amount of glucose in the blood is called the glycaemic level. And, w...

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We’d like to report on what should be the nutrition of a COVID-19 patient like and advise to avoid some foods.

If a person has had a viral infection, he may complain of weakness, malaise, and decreased performance for a week. We do not advise such patients to consume fatty foods or drink strong ...

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The secret of Lipomassage lies in the core of the adpocyte.

For over two decades, Endermologie has continued without letup to evolve. The improvements of LPG’s internationally renowned technique can be attributed in part, to the machine’s technological advancements, (currently the 7th generation...

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2 weeks ago
Had my first treatment last week - liver stimulating with bicarbonate as suffered with candida, slow digestion and constipation for years. So far my bloating has reduced and I feel lighter, not the heavy brick in stomach feeling I have gotten used to. Received some great advice and tips which I am following and will go back for a short recommended course of treatment but feel this is something I would incorporate into my life by way of monthly or at least regular trips back to keep everything in check as I feel quite liberated, this could be life changing!
- Tonia L
a day ago
Been going to The Brazilian Wax for years! Rose always does an amazing job on my ladies waxing. Highly recommend :)
- Amanda S
11 months ago
When the results returned, they showed that I was intolerant of some "healthy" foods that I had been chewing for the past few months, including carrots! Cutting them out of my diet had an almost instant effect, and within a few days, my stomach fell noticeably, and my symptoms of IBS decreased significantly. In the following months, I was able to lose quite a few stubborn extra pounds. Like carrots, I also learned that I am intolerant of cow's milk and yeast. I completely excluded them from my diet. Three months later, and I'm still sticking to my new diet. And I feel great! I highly recommend it.
- Executor -

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The Parkland Natural Health is a Family run business with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We offer colonic hydrotherapy (colonic irrigation), LPG endermologie lipomassage, health screening (bio-resonance diagnostics), waxing hair removal with Brazilian honey bee wax, osteopathy and wellness massage to help you drastically reduce the level of toxicity in your body, alleviate and in some cases completely eradicate related symptoms.

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