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BITTERSWEET: Is this the beginning of the end for aspartame?
Is the writing finally on the wall for aspartame, the artificial sweetener in diet and sugar-free drinks and foods? There’s been a very active campaign to keep the lid on a devastating catalogue of diseases linked to the sweet...

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What is the relationship between immunity and intestines?

The immunity of the human body depends on the state of the intestines. Scientists have proven that through numerous studies. The immune system of the gut is the largest and, at the same time, the most complex, of all existing.

In the int...

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Fibromyalgia syndrome
Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a rheumatic disorder characterised by chronic, achy muscular pain that has no apparent physical cause. It most commonly affects the lower back, neck, shoulders, back of the head, upper chest and thighs – although any area of the body may be inv...

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Never take an antibiotic until your hands get a blood test with leukoformula(Leukocyte formula). Remember or write yourself somewhere in a conspicuous place:

firstly, an increase in white blood cells, ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate), lymphocytes means viral infe...

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Methods to fight obesity

Weight depends on what and how a person eats as well as on how active is his lifestyle physically. As typical, modern people lead mainly a sedentary lifestyle. They ride a vehicle instead of walking. They also use the escalator and elevator, even in cases where you can d...

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Intestinal bacteria and their effects on the body

It is vital maintaining an optimal balance of the intestinal microflora that inhabit the human colon. It also allows the body to remain healthy on the internal and external. Moreover, we need intestinal bacteria for all sorts of processes.


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Beneficial intestinal bacteria

The intestinal micro-flora is a collection of microorganisms, whose vital activity is closely interrelated. In total, scientists have found about 500 different types of bacteria in the intestines. But not all of them were useful.

Useful intestinal bacteria are tho...

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Colon cancer symptoms.

Pathological processes diagnosed in the colon, such as polyps and inflammatory diseases, can lead to the formation of a malignant tumour. At the same time, the patient may not guess about the development of a terrible pathology for a long time. How to keep the situation un...

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Oncology of intestinal polyps.

Polyps on the intestinal walls give out symptoms rarely, but they can turn into malignant tumours over time. Therefore, it is better to get rid of polyps, and consultation with a doctor is necessary in cases of their detection.

Intestinal polyps are small benign n...

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a month ago
I completed 2 courses of 3x bicarb soda colonics and it made me feel like a whole new person in body mind and soul. I have Lyme disease and have issues with fatigue, digestion and feeling sluggish overall. Each treatment I had I felt improvement. Mentally my thinking was clearer, concentration and focus at work improved, physically I was able to lift heavier at the gym, more flexible and better stamina, my friends commented on my skin glowing and that I was more positive and happy overall but the best part was the extra energy and added bonus that I lost weight without trying
8 months ago
When the results returned, they showed that I was intolerant of some "healthy" foods that I had been chewing for the past few months, including carrots! Cutting them out of my diet had an almost instant effect, and within a few days, my stomach fell noticeably, and my symptoms of IBS decreased significantly. In the following months, I was able to lose quite a few stubborn extra pounds. Like carrots, I also learned that I am intolerant of cow's milk and yeast. I completely excluded them from my diet. Three months later, and I'm still sticking to my new diet. And I feel great! I highly recommend it.
- Executor -
4 weeks ago
After suffering with constipation and dysbiosis for two years, I finally feel some relief after opting for colonic hydrotherapy and also a pro biotic implant. Great service and would definitely recommend Parkland. Professional and comfortable environment for a colonic. Worth every penny if you are struggling with your gut.

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